Export Packs

Digital Packs

#1 - We identify the key export market for your business

#2 - We get five to eight prospective clients ready to buy from you

#3 - We develop your cross-border eCommerce for that market

#4 - We optimize your B2B or B2C website in that market

#1 - We identify the high potential export market for your business

We start with a global analysis to select the strategic market that has the highest export sales potential for your business and that offers the best environment in terms of culture, economy, legislation, logistics, taxes and import duties.

#2 - We get five to eight prospective clients ready to buy from you

In the same market, we’ll run field actions to get five to eight prospective clients for your business. To achieve that, we'll do benchmarks and one-to-one video meetings to validate the prospective clients' interest in becoming your importer.

#3 - We develop a cross-border eCommerce for your business

For the same market, we'll develop a specific eCommerce website in the local language. We will make it with either WooCommerce, WordPress, Prestashop, or Shopify and we will integrate the best local payment and delivery solutions in it.

#4 - We optimize your B2B or B2C website for export sales

Still for the same export market, we will adapt the content and the SEO of your website to make it show up in local search engines. At the same time, we'll run a local online Ads campaign to get you additional prospective clients in that market.


Export Packs

Key market
Global market research & identification of the key export market
1500 €
5 to 8 clients
Benchmark & field prospection in the key export market
2500 €

Digital Packs

A local eCommerce translated & optimized (< 50 items)
1500 €

SEO + Google Ads (500 € budget incl.) in the export country
1500 €


Since 2000, with offices in 53 countries, RGX is one of the leaders in foreign trade assisting SMEs in the creation and development of their international projects.

ToWebOrNotToWeb is specialized in international digital and multichannel strategies. As a service provider, it helps SMEs grow across borders and channels.

Together we helped almost 200 000 SMEs and we rely on a network of more than 700 Chambers of Commerce and Associations worldwide.

Development of the foreign trade portal www.mastercardbiz.com
International business development for the startups of the Orange Fab Network
International SEO for mykabuto.com e-commerce targeting UK consumers
Entry into the Dutch market for the Colombian manufacturer, bringing 8 prospective clients
US & Mexico sales development for this tracking platform in the logistics industry
Video production of how companies can use Ads to export more

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