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Learn how to develop your international e-commerce

Digital technology offers many opportunities for companies to develop their export business. Are you a business manager, export director or e-commerce manager? Our international e-commerce training has been designed to provide you with the key skills to boost your exports using digital tools by providing you with in-depth knowledge of best practices, global market trends, and effective marketing strategies for selling online. internationally.

Why train in e-commerce for export?

Our e-commerce training allows you to develop an in-depth understanding of international online commerce, in particular by adapting your digital strategy to generate online sales through digital marketing, operations management and international logistics, which are crucial to succeed in your digital export. During this international e-commerce training, you will learn to:

Improve your understanding of e-commerce issues
Develop an international online sales strategy via WordPress, Google Analytics, Google Trends
Create, optimize and internationalize an e-commerce site
Optimizing multilingual natural referencing (SEO)
Analyze competing e-commerce sites with free tools like Semrush, Mozbar, Ubersuggest, etc.
Identify the growth factors of your online sales
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4 reasons to train yourself in international online sales

Did you know ? Physical export costs you 550% more than digital export over an average of three years! Train yourself in the basics to take advantage of all the digital opportunities to sell internationally online at a lower cost, and to maximize your turnover without leaving your home!

1. Increase your knowledge of international trade online

Understand the different facets of international online sales and make strategic decisions for your export project thanks to digital.

2. Master the digital tools that will allow you to export at a lower cost

Physical export costs you 550% more than digital export over an average of three years. Acquire the basics of international e-commerce and take advantage of all the digital opportunities to sell at a lower cost.

3. Use Digital to increase your turnover

Training in international online sales means giving yourself the opportunity for growth of 3 to 4% without having to travel!

4. Develop your business network

The training offers the opportunity to meet and collaborate with entrepreneurs and e-commerce professionals, allowing you to share your experiences.

Our free professional training at international commerce

Group webinars

To learn the basics of international e-commerce remotely

Practical work

To help you gain skills quickly

Group work

To collaborate and expand your professional network

Support chat

To be able to exchange with the community of exporters connected in real time


Which will allow you to have a personalized assessment of the follow-up to your strategy in 20 to 30 minutes

Evaluation quiz at the end of the session

To test your knowledge: All the training resources made available to you


All the training resources made available to you.

Develop your skills during our e-learning training

1. Optimization of an international WordPress site

Thanks to this free e-commerce training, you will learn how to use natural referencing to optimize your site according to the country you are targeting, as well as the essential digital tools to be effective in your international digital strategy (multilingual natural referencing, plugins multilingual content management, etc.).

2. Cross-border e-commerce project management

You will also learn how to manage your export project online to boost your international online sales through learning logistics, payment tools, or managing your customer service.

3. Global Market and Competition Analysis

Our online international e-commerce training will allow you to be up to date on global market trends, and to make informed decisions to sell on the internet. (Google Analytics, Google Trends, Semrush, MozBar, Ubersuggest, etc.).

The requirements for successful professional training.

In order to optimize your success, the e-commerce training will take place between small groups ranging from 10 to 20 people maximum.

This training is aimed at business leaders VSEs and SMEs, as well as e-commerce professionals. If you are an entrepreneur, you must have a legal existence of at least two years and an annual turnover of at least €15,000. You must not be in financial liquidation on the day of registration.

The training will take place over two to three weeks, remotely. In order to take full advantage of all the lessons, it will therefore be necessary to be available during this period.

The training includes continuous monitoring throughout the training via our online community group, as well as a personalized 20-minute final assessment.

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